Giffgaff Review

Do you want to pay less for you mobile phone usage? Of course you do. Giffgaff offer you far cheaper prices than the major phone networks on PAYG.

  • For example, to phone another mobile network will cost you 10p per minute on Giffgaff
  • Orange will charge you 25p per minute
  • O2 will also bill you 25p for each minute
  • T-mobile charge 21p
  • Vodaphone costs 25p

That isn’t all, you will save money when you send a text and also use mobile Internet.

  • Giffgaff charge 6p per text message
  • Orange charge 10p
  • O2 charge 12p per text
  • T-mobile also costs 12p a text
  • Vodaphone charge 10p per text

Giffgaff charge 20p per day for mobile Internet, when the major networks can charge you £1 or £2 for the same service.

As you can see it is easy to save 50 per cent or more when you switch to Giffgaff, and what is more they will also give you £5 of free credit to start you off.

You will also get free calls to other Giffgaff users and you will also find 0800 Freephone numbers are actually free on this mobile network, unlike most of the other networks.

You can keep you phone number when you make the switch all you need to do is contact you current mobile network and ask for your PAC number. The PAC number can then be used within your pages on the Giffgaff site to request your phone number be ported over. For me this process was really easy and took less than 24 hours to complete.

You may also want to use your old mobile with Giffgaff, if you are currently on O2 you don’t need to do anything as the new SIM card will work straight away, but if you are on a different network you may need to unlock the phone before the Giffgaff SIM card will work. The way to unlock a mobile varies between different brands and I was able to easily unlock my phone for free but sometimes you may have to pay a small amount of money to get it unlocked, you will find all the details of how to unlock your mobile on Giffgaff’s site after you have signed up.

Giffgaff Goodybags

Giffgaff offer you the chance to buy a bundle of services which can save you large amounts of money. Most of the Goodybags give you unlimited mobile Internet, unlimited texts and hundreds of included call minutes for a small charge. They also now offer special Goodybags for other mobile devices like a tablet computer or mobile dongle, which give you an amount of data bandwidth for the month.


When I joined Giffgaff I choose to buy a £10 Goodybag with unlimited mobile Internet, unlimited texts and 250 of included minutes. I didn’t use all of the minutes that were included, not too much of mobile Internet either and as for texting I only sent a few, so the Goodybag clearly wasn’t really good value for me. The surprising thing is that at the end of each month Giffgaff send you an email telling you how much you have used their services and advising you if you would do better to choose a different Goodybag or just top up you account as you normally would.

I have certainly saved a lot of money on my mobile costs since switching to Giffgaff and I now use mobile Internet which I would always previously avoid because the costs were too much with my previous mobile provider.  Anybody who is on a pay as you go deal with other companies will clearly save a lot of money too when making the switch to Giffgaff.


  • glenn (1018 days)

    Sounds Good but i am on o2 Tesco £10 payg & get £30 worth of free credit to be used within a month! but have accumulated £150 on my phone do i keep this?

    • Giffgaffer (1015 days)

      Any credit you have will be lost if you switch to another provider, you can’t transfer it over I’m afraid.

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